Saturday, 12 April 2014

No mojo

Last night Mark went to his friends house, the kids were in bed and all was quiet so decided to try scrapping on Marks desk. I got my tools down, my scraps box and grabbed a random kit form my tote. Set up all my stuff, realised I was missing my photos, went and got those and sat down to start. 2 hours later I had one very simple layout finished lol. I just didn't have the inspiration and felt like I was forcing it. So ended up abandoning the mess and chilling out on Pinterest instead.
This was the layout I did manage to do though. The photos are from when we were at Disney last year. Honestly we have so many amazing, once in a lifetime memories of that holiday. This was on the last night. We had heard that Diversity were shooting an ad there that night so we made our way to where they were performing expecting it to be mobbed. It was so quiet! We stood near the top so the kids could run around and play and ended up chatting to another family who were there; Peter and Karen with their two kids. We ended up chatting throughout the show while the kids ran around and played. Karen was a huge fan of Ashley Banjo so we went and got right next to him and took some pics while the men stayed back with the kids lol. Was a shame we didn't meet them earlier in the holiday as the next day all the kids wanted to do was go to the swing park with their new friends, they weren't fussed about the rides at all! lol We exchanged email address' and are now all friends on facebook so kept in touch :) Love modern technology. So the title 'Best day ever' was we got to meet Ashley Banjo (lovely guy, so tall!) see Diversity dance, and made new friends. :) Disney magic at its best :)
Today we were planning on going to the farm but Caitlin said she was too tired. Starting to get a bit concerned about her as she is barely eating and sleeping a lot. No temp though and seems fine otherwise so no idea there. Mark made her a very sweet tea and that perked her up. She asked for a bubble bath so I indulged and let her play in there with her toys for a bit. Was looking at her toys and came to the conclusion that toys have changed! On the left is a 'Ariels little sister' doll I bought Caitlin 4 years ago. On the right is the same doll, but bought at Christmas time so the up to date version. Shes dressed a little differently!!!!
Tonight, to encorage Caitlin to eat I'm going to do a 'picnic' dinner and we can all watch Britains got talent together. I LOVE that show and the kids love guessing how many buzzes they will get lol. So lots of little bits, like pizza, veggie sticks, garlic bread etc then let the kids help themselves. All things going well off for an actual picnic tomorrow lol.


  1. Great job on the layout considering you had no mojo!
    Enjoy tonight :)

  2. I know the feeling of no mojo, sat here with the house to myself, can do anything I want and I don't know what to do but I have a huge to do list.

    Lovely layout xx Hope your picnic goes well

  3. wow...fancy meeting! Great page...doesn't look like you lost your mojo to me :)


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