Tuesday, 8 April 2014


So this morning the car had its annual MOT, I always panic about this in case they find something really pricey I didn't consider. Luckily it all came back fine :) Woohoo! As we already had the kids out I thought it best to try and get as many jobs done in one hit, gets all the 'Ohhhhhh, do we HAVE to?' out of the way at once ;) So Asda, B&M, Gransa and petrol station all done we were home just in time for Mollie to be dropped off.
She usually stays at ours once each school Holiday, usually on a Tuesday night as we go cinema the next day (Orange Wednesdays) and Marks friend is usually free so he can go to his house for a while. He struggles with too many kids in the house bless him. Was a good job really as the kids wanted to watch Frozen again, and it turned into a very loud, quite out of key sing along lol.
Don't think poor Mark would have coped very well lol.


  1. Glad the car passed, always a relief. Must get round to seeing Frozen soon.

  2. MOTs are worse than the dentist!


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