Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bad timing

My daughter has inherited a lot of things from me. My creativity, my love of reading, my love of the outdoors, and unfortunately my stubborn streak. If someone says she can't do something, by god she will find a way to do it.
We often joke that started even before she was born. We were first told we couldn't have kids, I fell pregnant with Caitlin, then we were told she wouldn't survive the pregnancy, she did, then when I was in labour there were complications and the midwife said 'She's stuck we'll need help' and Caitlin was born so suddenly the poor woman had to jump to catch her. Really it just carried on from there lol. She wasn't even born on her due date but came along on May 3rd, national scrapbooking day! Typical lol. Most of the time it's a cute trait to have, but sometimes its annoying! This layout is an example of this. Caitlin was refusing to have her photo taken with me, so my Mum sat patiently waiting pretending to look at the camera. When Caitlin walked past I grabbed her and mum quickly shot a photo. Actually love the result lol. I wanted the photo to be the focus here so added some of my fave paper, some washi and a few embellishments and was done :)
Now I look back at it I'm not fond of the corners on this one, what do you think? Love the photo, its form when we first got Scamp and he was still teeny tiny. We had bought him loads of toys but he didn't like any of them and much prefered to play with a roll of cellotape! The sticker down the bottom reads ' love cleaning up messes I didn't make, thats why I became a mum!' Very fitting for my furbaby lol.
I LOVE this photo of Caitlin in Turkey last year. We really lucked out with the weather and even though it was October it was beautiful all but one day. Usually when we go away we do lots of excusions and day trips, but this time we were happy to just laze around the pool, eat and drink. As you can see Caitlin enjoyed it :)
Well today is another busy one. Mark is with his friend for the day so just me and the kids. As my gran is coming for dinner tomorrow I'm trying to scrub the house plus make a picnic dinner for Caitlins dance party this afternoon. 3 hours of trying to keep her entertained before its her turn to do her dance then she gets an award. Not my idea of fun but she really wants to go so what can you do. Right better get on! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)


  1. And what a great photo you got from it :)
    My DD has also got my stubborn streak - she doesn't actually get a lot from her Dad thinking about it !

  2. I came for the altered letters (Blog-a-thon) but found this great catch-up - fab pages (love that first one especially - patience paid off).

  3. Love the photo on the first layout I often find the natural not posed for photos are often the best x

  4. Great productivity and what an assortment of layouts! I love the story of Caitlin and her stubbornness .... fabulous photo as a result.

  5. Three fab layouts - love the one of Caitlin being a lady of leisure LOL

  6. Great pages Gemma. I have a stubborn daughter too!


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