Saturday, 11 January 2014

Altered candle holder :)

At the start of 2013 I took part in a PIF on facebook. My friend Lesley made me a beautiful chocolate bouquet so I wanted ot make something special in return. With that in mind, way back in February I bought a candle holder with Next with the idea to alter it. I forgot to take a picture before I started but it was red with a wire handle and plastic 'windows' in the side.
Very similar to this but heart shaped windows.
I started by taking off the handle and sanding down the sides and panting them white. I did ask Lesley what colour her craft room was but the photo she sent me to was of her desk so couldn't really tell wall colour from that lol. Wanted to keep it a secret so thought white was a safe bet. Now I'm ashamed to say that I painted it back in April time, then put it away to finish later and well, didn't lol. I'd never altered anything before and the stuff Lesley does was so good, and the gifts other were making her were SO good I was really intimidated! I put it out of my mind until December when I thought I'd better move my butt as was supposed to be a 2013 swap not 2014! SO with renewed vigor I started decorating it. Still wasn't sure of colours so picked some photos from her facebook page to give me some ideas. I loved this one of her daughter Imogen so decided to use teal and cream to go with it.
Photos picked I got started :) I had everything I needed to hand except a thin teal ribbon I wanted for the bottom, and some teal buttons for another side I was planning. Was a good excuse to put in a Stampin up order with a friend, and there again things hit a standstill lol. Christmas happened and nothing got done until my order arrived a couple of weeks ago with my final bits so I put the finishing touches on it and sent it off, crossing my fingers she would like it.
I love how Lesley and her husband Nick seem to be looking around the corner on this side......
over to Imogen on this side :)
Was really nervous sending it but Lesley seemed to love it so was very pleased with myself lol. Not bad for my first altered item!
Well last night I built the new furniture for the bedroom. Built one bedside cabinet, opened the other and suddenly thought 'hey that was a bit bigger than I expected' I checked and the measurements were WAY off what the website said! Was almost 20cm wider! No way could I fit two in so I've put one on Marks side and Ive got a small set of drawers on mine. Will have to return the other cabinet which is annoying but £50 back into my bank I guess! Pleased with how it looks though :) Just need a new bed and carpet now lol.
Todays photo prompt was 'carry' which I forgot all about until I logged onto facebook tonight. Wasn't sure what to do until a very poorly boy came downstairs, no doubt from the germs his poorly sister carried to him the other day. A bit of a stretch but there you go ;)


  1. Gemma, you had absolutely nothing to worry about, my walls are cream but all my units are white so it fits in perfectly :)
    Hope Cam is better soon

  2. The candle holder is lovely, I thought it was white to start with so you've done a great job! Hope Cam is better soon xx


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