Thursday, 16 January 2014

My fun and kids fun

Todays prompt was 'fun', which worked out great as I took the kids to Kids play after school as a treat. :) Its usually my idea of hell as its HUGE with lots of areas where I can't see the kids. Its usually super busy so lots of screaming, crying and general madness going on. As it was after school however it was empty! I think there were 30 kids there tops and that was only because there was a birthday party going on. As it was so quiet I felt comforatable letting the kids run off and play while I relaxed with my kindle and a cup of coffee. Much more my idea of fun :)
The crazy children in the background spinning on the swing are mine in case you were wondering lol. It was actually a really nice night :) As we had bought the tickets for half price online, and with their January offer we get to come back again for free next week I didn't mind splashing out a little and bought them dinner there. I slipped on the diet a bit and had the leftover chips but it was worth it! By the time we got home it was pretty much bedtime so a quick wash and kids were fast asleep. Time for me to finish my book :)


  1. Sounds like a fun evening for everyone. Win, win!

  2. I hated those places, I cringe now just looking at your photo!


Thanks for your comments. :)