Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday maddness!!

Well today was hectic lol. We drove the kids to school as we had lots of errands to run, first to Tesco to pick up a parcel I ordered, then Next to return some stuff my Mum bought, The Range for puppy pads and thats where it went wrong. Got in the car, drove to Asda and then the car wouldnt lock. It locked fine if I pressed the button in the car so figured it was the key. Drove back to Halfords, which was right next to The range and got a new battery, still wouldnt work, tried another one, nope. At this point the guy in Halfords shrugged and said nothing more he could do and walked off. Which surprised me as every other time I've been there the staff couldnt do enough for me, but suppose theres always one. Anyway I decided at this point to try the method known around the world when you need to find out something, I googled it. :) Turned out the key needed recoding to the car which was easily done, so followed the instructions and yey! locked car :) So off to Asda for a big fortnightly shop. Ended up spending £125 which was more than I intended but thats us fully stocked up now. Always feel better when the cupboards are full. Think its because when I was little money was tight, my sister and I never went without, Mum would never have let us, but I was aware Mum did so we could eat which always worried me. Anyway after unpacking all the shopping and tidying up from the morning I had time to down a quick cup of tea before taking Mark to his doctors appointment at 3, then going to get the kids. Whew! Poor Marks wiped out now so hes had his dinner and off to bed while the kids watch a bit of TV before their bedtime. :)
Well with everyone quiet and calm might as well show the other layouts I did. I love this photo of Mark. :) We went to a place called the blue lagoon in Olu denez in turkey. It was a smallish cove and the water was so warm it was like bath water. It was great as unless you went right to the back it wasn't deep at all so we could let the kids run wild. We had visited a market that morning and bought them some water guns so they had a brilliant time :) Marks not the best in water, he can't swim and panics if hes in too deep so was ideal for him too. love this photo as was such a peaceful day.
This is another from Turkey. We went on a kiddie cruise where the adults sunbathed on the top deck while inside the boat there was a kids club to keep them entertained. While we were at a swimming stop the kids suddenly came sprinting upstairs telling us they needed to hide as they were playing hide and seek....on a the middle of nowhere......fair enough. lol.
I seem to be scrapping more now it's upstairs. Since we got Scamp obviously I can't leave it on the rug anymore and while I use the desk sometimes Mark sits there most of the time as its better for his back so I can't leave anything there either. Bedroom however nobody ever goes in so nobody cares how much craft stuff I leave lying about lol.


  1. Glad the aliens helped you out ;) Lovely sunny LOs :)

  2. Google to the rescue! Glad you managed to sort it out.

  3. Wow googling the question - genius! Glad you are managing some crafting!


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