Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Well today is a very emotional day, it should have been my Granny and Granddads 59th anniversary so was in an emotional state anyway. Then I couldn't get a hold of my gran. Every morning on the way back from school I ring and chat to her, EVERY morning. This morning she wasn't answering her home phone and her mobile was off. It's never off so I started to panic. Almost an hour later and still not able to get a hold of her I was ready to go and try and break down her door (she just got new doors so I dont even have a key!) when my Dad txt me and told me she was with them. Mum had took the morning off so she could take Gran out. I was so relieved and burst into tears. Had a good cry and a cup of tea so feeling better now. :)
Todays prompt for photo was 'boring' so I took this one. I find washign boring but Scamp loved to chew on the washing basket, lol. We're really lucky so far as everyone warned me puppies are nightmares when they're teething, but besides him getting a hold of a roll of brand new washi tape his toys and this basket are the only thing he does shew. Fingers crossed he stays this well behaved! He hasn't quite learned that standing directly behind people often results in squashed paws yet, but hoping he learns that one soon ;)
Well kids are at gymnastics tonight so don't need to pickt hem up until 4:30. I'm hoping they get out pretty sharpish as Caitlins dance lesson starts at 4:45!!


  1. Sorry you've had an emotional day. Alfie chewed all of my shoes, a blanket, 2 pairs of slippers and a christmas stocking! He's not a chewer now though :) They never learn the squashed paw thing, you'll have to learn to lift your legs up high with you step backwards because there will always be a dog there, well that what happens to me :) x

  2. I'm glad the day got better for you. I hope Scamp has better road sense than Buster who has a habit of walking into roads when cars are coming or decides to go to the toilet when crossing the road lol!


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