Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Well today has been a rough day :( But first a catch up, Yesterdays prompt for the photo a day was 'cosy' so I took this photo of Scamp all cosy in his bed :) The green and white jumper used to be mine but it was on the radiator one day and before I knew it he had pulled it off and ripped it. So I let him have it in his bed. Lucky hes so cute ;)
Todays prompt was lying around. I wasn't sure what to do but slipped on the diet a bit tonight and had some chocolates which have been lying around since Christmas. So that counts ;)
Well today wasn't too bad until tonight when my Mum rung me to confirm that my sister was pregnant. Yep the one who can't really take care of the THREE she already has, is having a forth. The dad is apprently the same Dad as the youngest but he doesnt want the baby either and is pushing for a termination. Sister is having none of it though, Ugh that girl just keeps getting worse!!!!!
FX for a better day tomorrow ;)

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  1. Cute puppy, bad chocolates, BAAAAAADDDDD sister!!!!


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