Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mini bit of mojo back :)

This morning Mum took Caitlin to Kids play and Cameron was happily building things on Minecraft so I decided to spend some time working on layouts. Todays prompt was 'today' so this is how my little desk looked today :)
Need to find some numbers and some blue alphas for the titles but managed to finish 3 layouts before Caitlin got home, then was dinner and bedtime before I knew it! Feels like today has sped by!


  1. Great looking layouts. My mojo seems to back at the moment xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing the completed layout. My mojo (well for cards) is definitely back!!

  3. I am very at impressed - three layouts is more than I might get done in a month sometimes! Your pages look bright and colourful and I like the little bit of banner across the corners.

  4. Best you find it good and proper before March!


Thanks for your comments. :)