Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Clouds, crafting and Cailtin

Well today we were supposed to be going to kids play as a treat before kids go back to school, but last was before Caitlin was up all night being ill :( My heart broke for her as she kept throwing up but as she hadn't eaten it was only bile which obviously was hurting as she did it. :( Scared the life out of me as she was being sick into a bowl and asked why it was yellow. I explained thats what the stuff in her tummy looks like. She carries on and I'm rubbing her back so I can't see and she suddenly asks 'Why is it red now?' OMG in the split second it took for me to have a look everything went through my head, I'd run through ringing my Mum to watch Caitlin, get dressed, get in the car and I was mentally in the hospital in A&E by the time I got a look. Upon investigating though it was only a little bit of blood which I think was because she was heaving so hard. :( Woke me up though and I kept a watch the rest of the night for any more signs it was worse than I thought.
I think thats one of the hardest things about being a Mum. When your kids are sick you have to be all calm and comforting on the outside, while on the inside you're screaming OMG OMG OMG!
Last night seems to have been the worst of it though, we both slept until 12 today and she seems much better. She's asked for food and had some toast with no issues so going to take it easy today and see how she is on a short walk later with Scamp. Think he knows she's poorly as he hasnt left her side past couple of days.
Todays prompt was 'clouds' so everyone was doing the obvious. Wanting to be different I picked this. My Dad got me some Costa glasses and I love how when you add the milk it swirls around like clouds in the glass. Hard to get a picture of it though.
For the past couple of nights Marks been either in bed or lying on the couch, so I've been on the PC watching Netflix and crafting. I don't often get the desk so been making the most of it and managed quite a few layouts, only photographed one so far though lol. This is a really old photo from Caitlins second birthday, I rented a bouncy castle and put on a big party, and all the kids played in my Mums bed. Typical *rolls eyes* I'm trying to use up my scraps as really its the only thing I'm having trouble storing, so expect lots of scrappy looking layouts in the future!

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  1. Dogs ALWAYS know. Ours knew I was pregnant before I did and knew I was in labour before I did!!!
    Hope Caitlin is better today


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