Friday, 24 January 2014

Chilling :)

Today has been a lovely chilled out day :) Mark has another cold bless him, he can't seem to shake them this year, so he was taking it easy. The house was still tidy from yesterday so aside from the HUGE pile of washing I didn't have much to do so between filling and emptying the machine I set about sorting the craft stash I found yesterday. TBH between that and the stuff I already had I didn't know where to start. I have SO little space to store everything its hard to figure out the best way to do it. I ended up setting it out on the floor and making a number of kits which seemed to work best. Still have a bag of random, half finished bits I need to use or find a home for though lol. After sorting what I could I had a bit of time before pick up so quickly threw this one together.
I seem to have loads of chipboard so glad to have used a few bits here :)
As it was Friday we invited my gran up for dinner. We used to go hers on a Friday but she would run around after the kids which wasn't good for her, so if she comes here its more relaxed and the kids have more toys to play with. I didn't tell the kids so they were thrilled when she was there at pick up time. I snapped this photo quick for todays prompt which was Family :) Cameron had his arm around her but typically removed it just as I took this photo
Had a proud Mummy moment today :) Each Friday the dinner ladies give two children (one from each year) a prize for having the nicest manners and listening skills from the week. Picked up a very excited Cameron who had won from his year Then picked up a very excited Caitlin who had won from hers!


  1. Lovely day - that photo is so sweet :)

  2. How gorgeous is that picture, loving your layout and I think the kit idea is working for me at the moment too. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. Lovely happy layout Gemma and great family story too! :)


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