Sunday, 5 January 2014

Need more days like today

Today has been a lovely day :) Started off waking up late, again, need to get these kids back into routine soon, but anyway, nice lie in then pancakes for breakfast, followed by a nice long walk with Scamp. It was freezing but we were wrapped up warm and kids had wellies on for all the mud so we didn't mind :) I love it when its cold and clear and you can feel the cold air in your lungs iykwim. As usual we went to my Mums as she wanted me to sort though some toys my Gran had left there to see what could be chucked and what I could sell on. Poppy and Scamp were running about like nutters together in the garden so the kids went out to play with them while the adults had a coffee :)
After everyone was tired out it was hometime to get snuggled into pjs (as we were all muddy and wet) and do some crafting :) Caitlin wanted to use some of the bits Santa brought her while Cameron wanted to play Minecraft. I took a photo to use for today promt 'touch' as each child was creating things with their own unique touch :)
Must say I don't understand that Minecraft game so far, he needs to build a plank before he can smash it and make it into sticks? and he keeps being attacked by cows and zombies. Hes enjoying it though lol.
Comments from Cameron today:
- Daddy cant have my chocolate, im going to hide it in my mouth!
- Look Mummy I have feet!
- I'm glad I have eyes, it makes it easier to see


  1. Love to see kids entertaining themselves instead of constantly craving attention :)

  2. Glad you had a lovely day. Mine went back to school this morning. Boo!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. I am another one that doesn't understand the Minecraft craze but I don't suppose we should.

  4. I love those post Christmas days when you can just breathe easy after all the madness that is the build-up to Christmas.


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