Thursday, 9 January 2014


Well today we had a doctors appointment for Mark. He's been having really bad headaches for a while now and did take him before and his blood pressure was high so better safe than sorry. This time round the dr suggested an eye test and a CT scan just to be safe. First though we need a blood test to check his kidneys work ok as they put some funny dye through them. He got a letter form his Birmingham dr the other day and one from his Kettering dr so thats now 3 blood tests in all he needs tomorrow. Think he might be a bit woozy after lol.
Todays photo promt was Face. I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with this one as someone face seemed a bit easy. Then someone else did a clock and it made me think of this one :)
We bought this clock in Turkey as it had a pretty face and matched my livingroom. a while ago it decided to start running backwards and now flits between running backwards and forwards so never tells the right time. I would get rid of it but its still pretty so just leave it there
Not done much else so thought I'd share more of the layouts I did the other night :) Love these photos of kids at Turkey, shows their personality differences anyway! You couldn't get Caitlin out of the pool she loved it, while Cameron would play for 5 minutes, then return to the shade to either eat, play his ds or take a nap.
Super simple one using up some scraps and an old half finished sheet of stickers. When we were at great yarmouth a while ago the girls dug a big hole in the ground, which obviously the only thing to do after that was to bury Cameron in it ;)
So tomorrow morning will be full of needles, shopping and trying to find out how Cameorn can join his local Beavers group as he keeps asking but nobody is ringing us back!

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