Friday, 3 January 2014


Today the prompt was 'Ice' I really struggled with this as its actually quite nice out, so decided to photograph my new washi tape with all its icy colours and themes :)
Well today Mark was supposed to be going to a hospital appointment but has woke up with another headache :( told him as soon as kids go back on Wednesday hes getting an appointment. They're usually due to a build up of his meds but they used to be once or twice a month and usually were when he has over excerted himself or something, now they're at least once a week and just seem to be random, do admit it worries me but then everything with Marks health does.
So with him in bed will be a more sedate day again today. kids are still working their way through their Christmas gifts and I have this pile to sort out lol. While I promised myself I wouldnt get any new photos developed until I had scrapped all my other ones I got an email last week offering 50% off at Snapfish. Couldnt pass that up could I! So got over 400 photos developed for £18 including delivery. Not bad :) This is all my photos since November 2012, quite a bit to do!
Funny comment from Cameron today:
Kids playing upstairs
Caitlin - you're just talking nonsense and I'm leaving!
Cameron - I'm not trying to talk nonsense I'm trying to make you happy!
I feel so bad for my son sometimes lol

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  1. Hope Mark feels better soon - that pile of photos would completely over phase me and I wouldn't be able to do any!!!!


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