Friday, 31 January 2014

More scrapping

Well today started off a bit different. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache, I do get migranes sometimes at certain times of the months and though I managed to struggle downstairs and make the kids some toast I knew I had to go and lie back down. :( Its times like these I'm so proud of and sad for my babies as they know exactly what to do to get themselves ready and help out their Daddy. I hate asking him to take the kids to school as its a huge worry him getting back on his own but sometimes, luckily very rarely, I have to take the risk and while it took him a lot longer than me he managed it. :) After sleeping until almost 11 I felt much better so was up and ready to slowly start the day.
By start the day I mean move from lying to the bed to lying on the couch lol. Seriously I did nothing all day. I managed to quickly make a simple card for my Grans birthday today but that was it. After I picked up the kids from school we went down to visit her and give her her gift. She asked the same thing of all her grandkids which was a photo of her great grandkids :) She now has 10 with number 11 on the way so lots of photos! When I got there the house was full! My sister and her bf were there with my two youngest neices and my cousin Paul was there with 3 of his kids so was hectic. My Gran seemed happy though :) She later txted me that it reminded her of when me and my cousins were young and she would babysit us all for the school holidays. Her and Granddad were amazing really, there were 5 of us with up to 6 years age difference and they managed to keep us all happy and entertained :) Granddad used to take us for picnics in the woods, or let us help in his vegetable garden while Gran would teach us baking or make up games for us. We were really lucky growing up :)
Ok trip down memory lane done here are more layouts lol.
This is a photo from I think the second time we went to Thomas land. The lego Thomas was in the shop upstairs and Cameron was fasinated by it. I love how he has his hand on the side of his face as he still does that now when he is shocked :) He looks so young in this photo compared to how he is now. I know he's not exactly moving out and going off to university yet but it feels like hes grown up so much since the Thomas the tank engine days.
This is possibly one of the worst photos I've ever took of the kids but I love it because they look so happy. I asked them to say cheese which they did but they said it as through they where trying to take off at the same time which resulted in these faces lol.
Im doing well using up the old photos, only 60 or so more to go! ;)


  1. Hope you feeling better and glad Mark got back safely :)

  2. They look so cute in that picture. Glad Mark got safely to and from school. Such a worry for you xx

  3. Oh they are fabulous! glad Mark got back OK, such a worry hun!

  4. Such lovely scrapping :) Sorry to hear about your migraine, and the worry of it all.

  5. Sweet photos and pretty pages!! Sorry to hear of the migraines, my sister suffers with those too. Take care.


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