Thursday, 2 January 2014

The big shop

Yesterday we ran out of milk, on further inspection I found we were pretty much out of bread too so decided it was time for our big monthly shop. With Marks health being unpredicatble on a day to day basis I try and keep us stocked up in case I can't get out but the cupboards have been so full with Christmas and party food that I haven't had room to keep a stockpile. First though I had to ring Npower to get the energy onto a new tariff as ours ends at the end of the month. No joke it took 4 hours of going back and forth as everyone we spoke to gave a different price, it was nuts! I always seem to get the dreadful customer service. Felt dreadful as kids kept asking if we could go to the park but had to be done. Finally got it sorted, though it's gone up an extra £30 a month *sigh* so we canceled the movie channels to even it all out :( Onto the next boring part of the day. Kids were NOT happy at having to go shopping but oh well life is hard lol. Made a list and went round with my fingers crossed it would come in under or on budget as like most other people January is very much about paying off December around here! Managed to get it all done and a couple of quid under budget so yey :)
As the kids had had such a rubbish day we decided to take Scamp on a walk to the park. Kids donned their wellies, bundled Scamp into his coat and off we went. It was the best bit of the day :) Scamps starting to love his walks now and goes mad when he sees his lead :) Still loves sniffing at everything so takes a lot longer but its much more fun than when we had to drag him. By the time we got to the park it was pitch black so we went to my Mums instead. It was the first time Poppy and Scamp met and omg it was funny, Poppy is about twice the size of Scamp but she was terrified! Scamp seems to have great instincts when it comes to humans but NONE when it comes to animals and insists on trying to be friends even when its clear they dont want to. Poor Poppy was hiding under the table while Scamp was trying to get to her, tag wagging like mad. After a little while though she came out and they started sniffing each other and running around each other :) Made us laugh as Scamp went near Poppys bed and Poppy ran over and lay down in it, Mum says its the first time shes ever been in it lol. Puppys are just like kids in SO many ways I think ;)
While the pups were playing Mollie decided to put make-up on Caitlin which was great for todays 'photo a day' prompt which was colourful. You can't see it in the picture very well but she has purple eyes and brown eyeliner on too.
Too me ages to get off lol.

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  1. Some days just have to be!
    Glad Scamp is getting used to his walks :)


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