Sunday, 12 January 2014


On Monday this week I told the kids I would take them to Kids play the next day as a treat. Caitlin then spent all of Monday night throwing up. Yesterday I told the kids I would take them Kids play today and Cameron was up all night being sick. Decided kids play is cursed, really wish I hadn't booked their birthday party there now!
He seemed a lot better today though so hopefully thats it out of his system. Was going to take him for a walk with Scamp to get him out but when I mentioned it he burst into tears and he didn't know why so decided against that idea! Mark was having a good day so took Caitlin and Scamp round the block to give me a chance to clean the floors which seriously needed it. Did give him some money to pick up some chips on the way home but that was shut so that was another idea squashed! Safe to say today hasn't quite gone to plan! All over now though, kids bathed and ready for bed and hopefully I'll soon be settling down to scrap and watch TV :)
Todays prompt for photo was Up, so thought I'd use the new shelves we just put up in Camerons room. He got so many skylanders got Christmas we didn't know where to put them all. His door storage was full and didnt take giant ones anyway so I bought some plain ones from Wilkinsons and painted them red. Look quite nice I think :)


  1. Glad he's feeling better, those shelves look wonky to me ;)

  2. I hate it when the day is against you. Great job on the shelves.


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