Friday, 17 January 2014

Feels weird Friday

Todays prompt was 'inspiration' so I knew exactly what photo I wanted to take. I won't bore you all with the story of Marks illness and the kids births and all that but simply put the fact that my family is even here with me today is an inspiration that miracles do happen.
Yes Mark is in a onesie ;) At the start of winter 2012 I offered to buy him one as he often moans he's cold, 'No way I will NEVER wear one of those!!' was the shocked and very indignant answer I got. Fast forward to January 2013 where there was a foot of snow everywhere 'Do you think I could get a onesie next time we go shopping?' Um NO! They're sold out EVERYWHERE! Men, *sigh* So this year I didn't even ask. As soon as they were in the shops I bought him a wolf one, then in the Next midseason sale I bought him this one which was supposed to be £40 but reduced to £17. I almost passed out when I saw the price, £40 for a onesie! Its nuts! But it is very thick and warm and does the job great. Wouldn't have paid £40 but was well worth the £17 I did pay :) Can't get him out of the things now :)
Anyway off onesies lol. Today has been a very productive day :) Our house is tiny, seriously tiny, and everyones hobbies seem to take up a LOT of space! As a result I'm often trying to spring clean, or rearrange things to make more space. In fact back in a while ago I got into a routine where once a week I would pick a room and GUT it. Get rid of anything not needed, move anything not used in a while and give it a really good deep clean. With Christmas and everything as much as I've tried to stay on top of it all but things end up getting shoved away until later. So today I decided to tackle the kitchen and the outhouse. Well we call it an outhouse, no idea why as thats usually the name for an outdoor toilet and its really big cupboard/tiny room we keep the freezer, coats and some shelves in. But my Mum always called our room like that an outhouse so thats what I call mine lol. Took the whole day to clean out the cupboards, get rid of some herbs that went out of date a LONG time ago and clean the oven/microwave etc. Looks so much better and more organised now though so happy with it :) Might do the kids rooms next week!
Tonight Cameron started Beavers and he loved it :) The people running it still didn't get back to me so we just took him down there on the off chance they would let him start tonight and they did. There were loads of kids there and he knew most of them so he ran off as soon as we were in the door. He loved it and wants to go back next week. :) More time I'll be spending sitting in the car then, roll on summer! It's been a good night all round for Cameron because as well as Beavers, Caitlin is sleeping over at my Mums so he gets a boys night with Mark. Translation, Cameron plays computer games and they both eat junk food. Feels really quiet without Caitlin in the house but think I'll curl up in bed with my kindle and enjoy the peace :)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your peaceful evening. Sometimes I think we must be the only family in Britain that doesn't own a single onesie!

  2. Ahhhhh, peace and quiet - love it :) and still using your 2014 word


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