Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What a depressing day!

Wow it's dark and miserable outside today. Its pouring it down and its so dark everyones driving about with their lights on. one of those days we really should be allowed to just stay in bed I think ;)
Life doesn't agree however so took the kids off to school and came back for a morning of housework :) This was waiting for me which certainly brightened up my day! Was ideal for todays prompt too which was inside, so this was what was inside my parcel from Sarahs cards :) It was supposed to be a essentials only order, new album, white cardstock, page protectors etc, but then I found a range of papers called Cameron. I HAD to get them obviously lol. Picked a few I really liked and added them, then a grab bag of paper sneaked its way into my order too ;) £4 for 20 sheets, not bad :) Only a couple not to my tatse so will take them when I go to MB next month and see if anybody can make use of them there.
Not had a chance to use any of my new bits yet but did do this layout last night. Still using up scraps and random bits. I think the flower is actually a large glass bead but thought it was pretty so included it here. The photos are from the first time we went camping and we made smores. VERY messy but very yummy ;) Well me and Mark did, kids hated them lol.
Another proud Mummy today :) The school does gymnastics lessons after school on Wednesday. The kids have asked to go in the past but with it being £30 per child for 10 lessons it was a bit out of our price range. Today I was told that the school had a few free places to give away to deserving children and both mine got a place!!!! They were very excited bless them :)


  1. Love that album - I hate smores too!
    Good on Cait and Cam for getting some free places - well done you!

  2. Woohoo they will be forward rolling everywhere! X

  3. Great layout and those 'woody' papers are perfect for the subject matter x

  4. Yes, that would lift me out of a funk too. I really like paper grab bags, I'm usually more than pleased with what I get - and the bargain prices make trying so-so papers more fun.


Thanks for your comments. :)