Thursday, 23 January 2014

Organised chaos :)

Today was crazy busy but fun. :) This morning I spent cleaning and tidying and while I did I found the box of craft stuff I got for Christmas in the back of the wardrobe. Had forgotten about most of it so had a rummage and put it aside to be sorted through tomorrow. My mojo certainly seems to be back though as managed to quickly do a layout before I had to go out this afternoon.
Told you was a quick one :) Had this embossed paper in my scraps box for ages. Dont remember why I embossed it in the first place but whatever reason I did it for must have changed my mind lol. I haven't done the journalling yet but I've left a space in the bottom corner to write about how Cameron, Granny, Mark and I all love puzzles and problem solving, and one of Camerons fave gifts he got that year for his birthday was a Thomas the tank engine puzzle book Granny bought him.
Today was also coffee with my Mum day :) As usual a quick trip to TKmaxx was needed. ;) After my bargains the other day my friend Jess asked me to get a few bits for her so got some washi tape a couple of packs of pegs. Look forward to seeing what she does with them!
We'd promised the kids we would take them back to kids play with the free voucher, after this weekend events Mum really needed a break so she asked if we could take Mollie too. I was pretty wary about taking 3 kids, one of which wasn't even mine, as I'm panicy enough in those places at the best of times, but wanted to help out and it was pretty quiet last time so we agreed. Worked out pretty well in the end. The kids were really well behaved and it was even more quiet than the last time, though the book I took with me was rubbish so was a pretty boring visit on my part! Ended up reading the social services report from the other day which was interesting as shows the new staff they have in Mollies school seem to be pretty on the ball and very aware of whats going on. Fingers crossed it helps the situation! After nearly 3 hours of play treated the kids to a Mcdonalds then took them home to bed. :) Mum was really grateful so glad I did it. Plus now it looks like she'll be having Mollie for the foreseeable future I'd like for her to be closer to my two. Past events have meant a rift between the cousins and while I can't do much about Evie and Lillie can hopefully improve where Mollie is concerned :) Have nothing big planned for tomorrow except my Granny coming to dinner so might do some more scrapping ;)


  1. Thanx my lovely. At this rate I won't need to bring any stash to MB, I can just use what you've brought for me lol!

  2. Just a "couple" of packs of pegs!?

    1. Lol no this was the photo I sent her of what was on the shelf so she could pick what she wanted. I only bought two ;)


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