Friday, 10 January 2014

Sketchy scrappers

To help with our scrapping mojo my friend Jess started a group on Facebook ages ago called the sketchy scrappers. Each month someone posts a sketch we all do a layout based on. November was my turn to post a sketch and I picked this one.
As I was the one to post the sketch its really bad that I've actually only done the layout now lol.
Title should say 'not the best meal' but I cant find my tiny letters so it doesnt yet lol. When we were in Turkey we visited a oriental resturant on site. It was dreadful! The chef was screaming at his staff, the starters took ages and Caitlin was really poorly after we think an overdose of sun. I left after the starters and took Caitlin back to the room for a nap. 20 minutes later everyone else came back saying they had given up waiting for their mains. After a nap Caitlin seemed much better so we all hit the buffet :)
Todays photo prompt was 'Look out your window' This is the view outside out livingroom window. How depressing! Cost us a fortune to get the grass laid but every time it rains it turns into a swamp and the grass dies. We've put down countless amounts of grass seed, only to have it grow, look nice then die again. This year we've decided to bite the bullet and get that fake grass instead.
Todays blood test went ok. Didnt take as long as we thought so that was good. Still no luck on getting someone from the beavers group to phone us back but on a good note my bedroom furniture came :) We did order some from Very but they customer service is dreadful! So canceled that and ordered from Argos instead. :) Looking forward to putting that up and having a nice bedroom again :)

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  1. Great layout, can I join sketchy scrappers?
    I've seen that fake grass somewhere lately - off to see where it was...


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