Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cold, muddy, and happy :)

Today is one of those days where I feel really blessed. Its horrible outside, wind is howling, rain pouring down and I'm currently snuggled into a dressing gown (Marks of course) with the heating slowly warming the house while the kids play in the bath. We went for a walk this afternoon and kids (and Scamp) splashed in every puddle going so I've had a quick shower to warm up, bathed Scamp and now its kiddies turn lol. Everyone happy, warm, cosy and safe and I know how lucky we are for that. the kids are similar to me in the way that while we love going on day trips and holidays and all that we're very much homebodies and love simple days where we just stay home and do simple things together. Today that's been making models from hamma beads, playing games and getting books form our local library.
Games certainly caused a few laughs too :) We played 'Headbands' first, where you have a picture on your head and you need to ask the others questions so you can guess what it is. The charades, which was...odd..... lol. For example Cameron was being a horse and prancing on all fours. Caitlins guess 'A walking stepmother!' Then it was Caitlins turn, Caitlin curls up in a ball.
Us - 'Are you a rock? a ball? a pillow?
Caitlin - I don't know what I am!
Fair enough!!
Not managed any scrapping today but photographed two I did last night. First is more photos from Great yarmouth. The kids love the activities Haven puts on, simple crafting games and classes bring them so much joy, even if they've done it at home millions of times before! I've left a gap on the doily to do journaling.
From Great Yarmouth to Turkey lol. I've noticed recently that in the majority of photos Mark hides his walking stick, this one is a perfect example as its hidden behind Cameron. I used a rub on for the title but changed it a bit as it was supposed to say 'Memories of you' which to me made it sound like Mark wasn't with us anymore so changed it to with instead. If you lift the tag with the 'me' rub on theres a photo of me and the kids at the beach, but I HATE the picture so hid it lol. I'm in a bikini which everyone told me looked ok, but in that photo I honestly look like I could have given Jordan a run for her money! You'd have think my Mum would have mentioned that. *rolls eyes*
Well kids are out now so time for dinner, homework and calming them down before bed. Wish me luck!


  1. the joy of discovery layout is fab, bright colours and lots of fun

  2. Bright, fun and happy layouts, and I love your feeling of contentment with your family, and being all snuggly together ... x

  3. Two really fab layouts, especially love the second one xx

  4. Great layouts - love the "Jordan" story!


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