Monday, 27 January 2014


Since the start of the year, I don't know how but I seem to have a lot more spare time. I admit simple things like Mark being able to have a shower, Caitlins room being more organised so easier for her to tidy herself and all that certainly seem to be helping, but in general I seem to be a lot more on top of the housework these days. As a result I've had more time to myself, which I've been using mainly for scrapping :) Great to use up all my bits and get organised before the retreats next month! So this was my table last night, some cookies with the last of my points, a cup of coffee and scrapping. The perfect end to the day, which was very fitting as 'perfect' was yesterdays prompt lol.
And this is how it looked when finished. I loved how the title really went with the kids personalities shown in each photo. Cameron very much lives in the moment and is very active and bubbly, where as Caitlin is a little more........herself lol. These were both taken in Turkey, Cameron was dancing about like a nutter, and this was Caitlins reaction when I asked her to dance with him so I could get a photo. Thats a no then. lol
Todays prompt was 'group' wasn't sure what to do but then when we went to Tesco this morning we found all these at 1p a bag! As we have the kids birthdays coming up I'm trying to put little bits away for the party bags so these are ideal :)
Well we have Camerons friend Jack coming round for dinner tonight. I've got a huge pizza and a load of toppings so they can each do their own so kids were all excited about that :) Its also weigh in day today so I might have a bit too lol. I only lost 1lb but given the time of the month I expected that iywkim. But it got me to my 5% target so thats soemthing :) Hopefully will be a bigger loss next week!


  1. Lovely page - like how you've backed the arrow - still glad to see you're enjoying your "me" time :)

  2. Great page and what a bargain you got there! Enjoy you pizza :o)

  3. Fab layout and perfect title - really lovely x And great that you are getting a bit more me time x


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