Monday, 6 January 2014

Right before they go back to school......

and Caitlin gets poorly :( I knew something was coming as shes been really clingy and weepy but this morning she came into our bedroom at about 4:30 saying she was hot. Being half asleep I told her to just take her pjs off, then she put her hand on my face. Honestly thought she had been holding onto the radiator and then put it there. Took her temp and was 40 was gave her some neruophen and put her in with us. Today she seems pretty much the same, very high temps, sleeping lots and not wanting to eat. Giving her meds and lots of water and hoping she'll be ok for school on Wednesday :(
Bless them the boys are all for making Caitlin feel better. In this photo she's cuddled up on the couch on the right while Scamp snuggles next to her and Cameron picking some more tv on Netflix for her to watch.
Well todays prompt was 'straght'. I was going to take a picture of the weight watchers books I got tonight when I rejoined (2 stone to lose, wish me luck!) but then Scamp decided to go out and find the biggest, muddies puddle he could and jump in it. So he went STRAIGHT into the bath when he got back!
Hoping for a healthier Caitlin tomorrow as promised to take the kids to a indoor play center and she'll be gutted if she can't go, fingers crossed!

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