Thursday, 30 January 2014

Joke book

Todays prompt was 'Something beginning with J' I had no idea what to do for this one :s Luckily my son came through and on a trip to the library with the school yesterday brought back a joke book!
The jokes are very much christmas cracker material but he finds them funny :) Heres an example 'How did the tree get on the internet? He logged on!'
This afternoon I have a very sad little girl :( Her friend Rosie was supposed to be coming round for dinner today but she was sent home from school poorly so couldn't come. Poor Caitlin was gutted. She cried most of the way home until a bird pooed on Camerons head which made her crack up so that was good. :) Cameron didn't even mind as it made her laugh. What a sweetie :)
So to cheer her up i bought her a little Hello kitty card kit so she could make a 'Get well soon' card for Rosie, and a birthday card for Granny tomorrow. I think shes still milking it a bit as still saying how sad she is but shes enjoying colouring in anyway.
While shes doing that I'm still crafting. Having everything out and having the aim to finish my old photos and scraps before my weekend away in March has certanly lit a fire under me and I'm doing around 2 layouts a day. It probably won't last and most of them are super simple but I'm pleased with them and its better than the photos just sitting in a drawer. That's how I choose to look at it anyway ;)
This is a photo of Cameron and Mark at Great Yarmouth a few years ago. We went into a 4D cinema but it sprayed water which scared the life out of Cameron so he had to leave. To cheer him up Mark took him on the bumper cars for the first time. Good job I was still in the cinema or I wouldn't have allowed it!


  1. Bless Cameron, he really is a little sweetheart. Youre going great guns with the scrapping.

  2. He came up trumps - cute LO :)


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