Sunday, 19 January 2014

Clear, cold and bright

I love days like today. Was freezing cold outside but the sky was clear and blue and there wasn't too much of a wind. We were planning to take the ids to east carlton park but as usual it didn't go to plan! The kids decided to get out the huge amount of Hamma beads Caitlin got for Christmas and were so engrosed at making things with those that they didn't want to go out at all. Left them to it which gave me a chance to sort out yet more washing then decided to make the most of the weather and drag them over to the park. Turned out to be a lovely afternoon :) My dad and Mollie came out with Poppy so the pups ran around together and I bumped into some old friends who I hadn't seen in ages. Was lovely catching up while the kids played :) Stayed until 3 when we had to go as we still had homework/dinner/baths to do. Stopped off at the libary on the way who were selling off some books for 25p and got a couple for the kids. They love their books and I'm happy to encorage it :) Went a bit wrong though as Caitlin was so busy looking at hers she missed a curb coming up and went flying :( Poor baby, she is so graceful when dancing and so clumsy the rest of the time! Scamp walked right next to her the rest of the way home, hes so protective of them when we're out. If they go off a head hes running off after them straining at his lead to catch up.
Well we got home and warmed up with a hot drink and as soon as the kids had finished their dinner and homework they were back upstairs making things with the beads. Mark was tired out from the walk so he went to bed and I cuddled up with a sleepy Scamp and the book I got for myself. Time went on and it was so peaceful I decided to be a bad Mummy and let them go without a bath, one night wont kill them ;)
Well todays prompt was favourite thing to wear; this was supposed to be a photo of me in Marks dressing gown. I do have my own but his is bigger and comfier than mine I stole it so much he asked for a new one for Christmas so he could wear one too lol. When taking the photo however my crazy kids decided to jump on me. Both are wearing their fave things, their onesies so thought I'd include them too :)
Managed to find my alphas so here are two of the layouts I did the other day :) This is a double layout of photos from the kids birthday party 2 years ago, well nearly 3 now! Caitlin is wearing a mask to play pin the tail on the donkey. All the kids did really well which surprised us until they all admitted they could see! Sneaky little beggers lol.
I loved this cake I got them. The party was a simple thing with only family so I splashed out on the gifts and cake. Got this made just for them with the sugarpaste figures of what they loved at the time. Dora, Peppa and Timmy for Caitlin, Thomas, Percy and Lightning Mcqueen for Cameron. The bottom was chocolate and top vanilla and strawberry. Was nicer than our wedding cake lol.


  1. I love Sundays like that, just a lazy day. Great layouts xx

  2. PJs, dressing gowns - a cozy day indoors is the BEST


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