Saturday, 25 January 2014

Scary weather!

Well todays weather was crazy! Wasn't too bad this morning, then suddenly went really dark and very loud thunder and lightning started. Poor Scamp was freaking out barking at the window which was made worse when the hail started. It must have been a pretty big storm as a couple of my friends who live in nearby towns had it at the same time. So with all that was very much a PJ day today! As the kids didn't want to go out into the wet, horrible weather I took Scamp for his walk. I quite like doing it on my own as its relaxing walking about listening to my Ipod. This time however got to the end of the street and it died *sigh* So stopped into mums and stole hers, got to the end of her street and hers died! So on I walked in silence, talking to Scamp who looked at me like I was crazy lol.
Crazy behaviour aside todays prompt was 'small' I decided to photograph the small individual embellihsments I've sorted so far. With my very limited space for storage I struggle with the more random embellishments that dont fit into kits so trying to find storage for them all. Not working too well so far as still have a large bag which needs either a new home or using up.
Also took this picture of the small crazy people in my house. This is how Cameron watches TV, and Scamp loves to sit on his back and just look around the room. Strange pair. lol
As trying to sort embellishments isnt working too well I'm trying to use as many as possible so threw together a couple of layouts while the kids watched a film today. This was for the Sketch challenge so I'm all caught up now! :) I haven't done the journaling yet but this photo was taken last year at Haven. At night we would go and watch the entertainment in a little hall. The kids tended to sit on the floor at the front while adults sat at tables further back. This year was the first time that Cailtin wanted to go off with the kids rather than sit with us. This was a nightmare for me as there were times I couldn't spot her in the crowd and while there was nowhere really for her to go it still worried me. She was fine though and I had to let her do it and start letting go a bit.
I took this photo of her from our table, a little pigtailed head among all the big kids *sniff sniff* :(


  1. Wasn't the weather mad? We didn't have hail luckily just rain coming down sideways lol! I love how you've sorted your embellishments, it pleases my little OCD mind lol!

  2. That weather was mental yesterday!
    What a cute pic of Scamp on Cam's back :)


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