Saturday, 4 January 2014

Coffee, hugs and crafting

The pan for today was to get up early, go return some things to the shops for my Mum then come home to relax and potter about the house. Didnt happen that way. First kids slept in (so we slept in) until 10am, 10am! So early shopping was obviously out, then Mum rung me and said she wanted to get out for a bit could she come too. So after sorting Mark and the kids I ended up picking up Mum about 12 who got into the car and promptly burst into tears :( Poor Mum and Bri have had so much on their plate this year, with my sister and my Granddad and Bri being told he's being made redundant in April it's getting to them both and they ended up rowing. They NEVER row. So took Mum for a coffee in Tescos and we chatted, moaned and complained and she seemed to feel a bit better by the end of it :) As we were in Tescos anyway thought we would have a look about as Mum needed soap powder and I needed cleaning spray. Ended up spending £40 on clearance items between us (Mum and Marks birthday gifts included lol) but no washing powder or cleaning spray, *sigh*
Next stop was Matalan to return some bits Mum bought but changed her mind about, I was good and spent nothing but Mum got some clothes for my Dad. Then The Range, then Next, Poundland, Asda (another £15, still no washing powder but got the spray lol) B&M where I got a mirror for my bathroom and then Morrisons. By this point it was gone 5 and the husbands were ringing us asking where we were, weren't we just going to one shop?! Dont they know us at all?! lol.
So all in all was a much longer, pricier day than I had planned but think my Mum needed it so thats the main thing :)
Todays prompt for photo a day was 'One' I couldn't think of anything for One so did 'First' and this is my first craft parcel of the year. :) I actually ordered this stuff from my friend who does Stampin up before Christmas but with the Christmas rush and everything I forgot about it until yesterday. Perfect timing as I used the buttons to finish off another project I've been working on for months, but can't share it with you yet as its a gift and I know the recipient reads this blog ;)
Comments from Cameron today:
- Daddy cant have my chocolate, im going to hide it in my mouth!
- Look Mummy I have feet!
- I'm glad I have eyes, it makes it easier to see


  1. Wow, what a shopping day! Are those buttons for me????

  2. Oh it sounds like a day with your Mom was just what she needed, even if it pinched the pocketbook a bit. Your parcel looks tempting, I love Stampin Up. I actually am still waiting on my last parcel (not SU but still great) to show up. It was ordered before year-end but has been waylaid by weather.


Thanks for your comments. :)