Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year!

Happy new year! To be honest I'm really not a new year person but happy new year anyway lol. I always think January is depressing after the big build up of Christmas and all the lights and gifts goes into horrible weather, being skint (my own fault I know) and nothing big to look forward to. This year more than most as my dad is losing his job soon, my Grans birthday is end of this month (first without Granddad) Mark has a big check up coming in a couple weeks and his benifits are being reassesed too which always scares me with the state of this country. But oh well it's not all bad :) We're not going on holiday this year as we agreed we can't afford it, but we're hopefully going to take the kids on a few day trips to London and other places, plus hopefully doing something nice for my 30th in July, preferably getting VERY drunk!
So onto new years resolutions!
1 - Join in with the 'photo a day' challenge on Facebook. Is exactly what it sounds like lol. Every day theres a promt on what to take a picture of and you can post it onto the group for everyone else to see. Todays promt was 'hope' so I picked this book as I hope to do more reading this year :)
2 - Read more
3 - Finish the cross stitch I've been working on for 6 years
4 - Get up to date with photo scrapping
5 - Go to Harry potter in London
6 - Eat at one of Jamies resturants
7 - Go for more picnics and walks
8 - Lose weight! (come on its got to be in there lol)
9 - Try a new recipe each week
10 - Be in more photos. I did this last year and I think I was in more than usual (not hard to me more than none lol) but no spur of the moment ones iykwim. Its hard as I'm the one with the camera but goign to encorage Mark to take more with his phone :)
Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck and Happy New Year - I'm sure all will be OK


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