Saturday, 31 May 2014


Word of the day today has been clothes! I've been washing clothes, drying clothes, sorting, ironing, hanging up......clothes!!! Honestly I think nudests have the right idea. But that's its all done and sorted now :)
As today has been dry and quite nice (nicer than it has been anyway) I've barely seen Cameron and for once it wasn't due to his computer! This morning our neighbour knocked and asked if Cam could play with a new toy he'd got, it was a vest with velcro on and a bundle of balls the boys had to chuck at each other and stick to the vests. They had a great time! I loved hearing them screaming and laughing. :) Honestly can't wait until the Summer when we can get out the water guns and all the other outdoor toys for them to play with. I can sit round the front, sunbathe and make the most of my kindle ;)
On that note this is the book I started last night and I'm hooked! I'd had problems with my back recently so went upstairs to read a chapter of to and get an early night. 12:45 Mark took the kindle off me and made me go to sleep lol.
The first couple of chapters are a bit hard going as they introduce lots of different charecters and I often struggle with remembering who is who, but once they all link together it's a really interesting read. I actually gasped out loud at one point! Only 40% in so don't know how it ends yet but can see me finishing it tonight :)
While I was doing a blog post the other day I realised I hadn't shared the My little pony Rairity I made with Hama beads! I know you're all so desperate to see it so here it is lol.
I actually made two of these in an evening, getting quite quick at them now lol. Still no idea what I'm going to do with Caitlins but when she goes back to school next week I'm going to start putting the bits and bobs on her wall. With it being half term pretty much all jobs besides the basics have stopped! As the weather has improved a little we're planning on hitting the car boot tomorrow, so fingers crossed for more hama beads!


  1. You and those Hama beads!
    Let me know what the book's like, I prefer a real book tbh but might buy it if it's recommended!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds good :)


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