Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Proud Mummy :)

Well marks back. His friend can't take care of him so not really much choice. If I'm honest I'm not thrilled because obviously if he has another meltdown and the kids see it its not fair on them but not much choice in the matter. Will see his dr and see what he suggests really.
On a good note Caitlin came home today and told us she'd been put into the Golden book at school!!!! Basically every time they're really good at school they get a happy peg, if they get 4 they get to go into the golden book and get a special award in Fridays assembly. :) She was so proud of herself which was lovely to see :)
Still working on moving the kids rooms around. Need to buy some paint tomorrow but hopefully (besides carpets) they'll be all done by the weekend :) Have two other birthday parties this weekend so wont have time then! lol


  1. Busy as always :)
    So sorry I missed the "Mark" thing, hope all returns to normal soon :)

  2. Awww bless her she looks so pleased x

    Hope you manage to get things sorted for Mark - you need to tell the GP everything and insist that they look into things and do something - does he have a CPN?


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