Friday, 9 May 2014

Busy busy.

Well today has been non stop, just how I like it :) First was the school assembly to see Caitlin get her golden book award. Had the nice surprise that Evie was getting a star of the week award so got to see that too. :) Both girls were very proud of themselves :)
Then home to finish off a few jobs that need done today. First Caitlins Princess Celestia I've been doing for days. Really this is huge. Was a NIGHTMARE to iron! I had to do it bit by bit but when I did one bit beads popped out from other areas so I was ironing and rebuilding at the same time. Crazy! Not sure I'll do such a large one again but live and learn.
After finishing painting, a minecraft cake for next door, a gift for next doors wee boy and housework it was time to take Cameron to Beavers for his integration :)
Yeah I cried lol. He was very proud of himself and we were all so proud watching him. I'm glad he enjoys it so much. I think it will do him good if he sticks to it when hes older. Most of the more sensible teenagers I've met have been part of something like scouts or army cadets, I think it helps ground them a bit. Fingers crossed he sticks with it!
Well this weekend is full of parties lol. Have next doors little boys party tomorrow, then they're coming round to ours for pizza and drinks, and Sunday Camerons going to another friends party at his house! They have busier social lives than I do! lol


  1. Aw, congrats to all of them for their achievements :)


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