Saturday, 17 May 2014

Farm again :)

Today the weather is absolutely beautiful so we decided to go to the farm. As usual it didn't go to plan lol. When we first got Scamp I read up on his breed to learn anything special I needed to do to care for him. One big thing a lot of places mentioned was that they don't do well in heat. So today as it was nice I had the garden door open so he could go out to play in the sun or come into the cool house if he wanted. I did put a big bowl of water out in the garden for him drink but he started splashing his paws in it so put a second bowl next to his food inside as usual for him to drink. Now I thought that he would be smart enough to think 'Oh I'm a bit hot, I'll go get a drink and lie down in the cool' Um, no. By the time we went to the farm at 1pm he had run about so much that in the car on the way there he was panting like mad! I wasn't sure if he was too hot or just overexcited so asked a friend and she suggested forcing him to cool down. When we got to the farm I sat with him in the shade and kept putting the water right in front of him and he soon settled. Looks like I'll need to keep a closer eye in future!!!
With Scamp in mind though (and mark tbh) we only stayed a short while but it was a nice visit anyway.
Kids enjoyed hunting for caterpillars though we only found two.
Scamp looks very unimpressed here!
Glad we got him out for a little while though, we're going to the car boot tomorrow morning then bowling so he'll be on his own for most of the day and I always feel guilty. Sure he'll be fine though :) Had planned to scrap tonight but think the heats wiped me out!

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  1. Such a lovely photo - glad he cooled down in the end :)


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