Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Are we in May? I almost wrote April, the months are going by so fast!! I actually did loads of SIPIDI this month as I've got slightly addicted to Hama beads lol. Since I made a Rainbow dash pony for Caitlins cake I got loads of requests from Caitlina dn Mollie to make more ponies for their rooms. I've blogged all the ones I've done so far so won't bore you with them again but will reshare my most impressive one I think :) I saw this image of Princess Celestia on Pinterest
And copied it to make this for Caitlins door. :)
Now as pleased as I am with how it came out I will NOT be doing it again! See how the original photo was before it was ironed? Thats because ironing it was a nightmare! As I was ironing one section beads from another section would pop out so I was rebuilding as I was ironing, stressful! I actually got a txt form our neighbour asking if everything was ok because I was shouting so much lol. Woops!


  1. That looks like it was a real labour of love. I remember making all the Disney princesses with my girl, about 7 years ago now. The ironing was always the trickiest part. Thanks for joining in again Gemma. I'll add Rainbowdash to the board now.

  2. That looks amazing, well done x

  3. Brilliant! Far to faffy for me but think of all those enamel dots you can make with the leftover beads :)

  4. Awwww that is so lovely - I bet she was thrilled with it x


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