Friday, 23 May 2014

Half term time!!

Yey its now half term!!!!! As usual on the last day of school I've been playing catch up making sure we're all stocked up to stop me needing to go shopping while kids are off. This morning that meant a sudden trip to the town when I spotted on FB that wilkinsons had reduced all its suncream to £2! During sunny weather Mark needs to use suncream daily as his meds make him high risk for skincancer so you can imagine how much cream we go through. Plus Cameron gets really dry skin and oddly enough, as we discovered by chance in Turkey last year, Nivia aftersun is the only thing which helps. We did think it was the aloe vera in it but tried other creams with no luck. So stocked up on them both :) Saved £85 so cant complain!
Also got home to find my Tassimo delivery had came. Yey! I had a voucher from when I bought the machine and as they were doing a free delivery special I stocked up on that too. Love getting a bargain :)
So kids are now home :) Mark was at his friends tonight so I planned a quiet night scrapping. Was all going well until Cameron came into my room sobbing his heart out. Between sobs I calmed him down enough to find out why. Perry the platapus on tv was sad. *sigh* When he gets tired he tends to get very weepy and had got himself into such a state it took me a while to calm him down. He didn't want to sleep on his own so agreed he could camp out in his sisters room. They didn;t go sleep for another hour or so but were playing nice and looking at puzzle books so let them get on with it. PJ lazy day tomorrow I think!
Did find out some more drama related information today which I won't go into but it is odd. My Mum always used to say whenever she felt like she had had enough, and maybe it was better to walk away something happened to remind her she couldn't. After yesterday I was ready to just throw in the towel and let them get on with it but now my resolve is back full force. Will wait and see what happens now!

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  1. Wow, a few bargains there, when is the offer on until?
    Didn't think you'd give up, you're too stubborn like me :)


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