Sunday, 11 May 2014

Caitlins day

This morning after breakfast and homework Cameron vanished next door to play before being picked up for another party in the afternoon. As a result I've barely seen him all day! Was a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with my little lady though :) She spent a couple of hours cuddled up looking at books and tv with Daddy, then asked if she could help me paint her room. As its only the white undercoat (and we're replacing the carpet anyway) I said yes. Was a very pleasent couple of hours paining away and gabbing about school, music and everything else. Bless her she was asking about my favourite songs etc when she suddenly went all quiet, looked at me and said really sincerly 'I love talking to you Mummy' Awwww! I really hope she feels that way as she grows up.
After all that hard work she chilled out with a cold drink while I made dinner. Caitlins choice, sausages, noodles and peas. Not wanting peas I made corn on the cob for me and the boys. Dished out theirs, which they took off to eat, and was just dishing out mine went I spotted a hole. On closer inspection I found this. EWWWWW!!!!!! All the corn is now bagged back up to take to the shop tomorrow. Put me right off my dinner. :(
Sunday night is always really chilled out in our house. Tonight kids were reading, mark was watching TV and I made this for my niece.
I'm actually really enjoying making things form these beads. I think with scrapping I can only do it upstairs as Scamp is a bit too big now and jumps on my knee for cuddles or wants to see what I'm doing and can get a bit in the way if I'm surrounded by papers. Crosstitching I like but takes so long while these I can do while watching tv, in not much space and make something quite quick. :) Caitlins now decided all the beads are mine and she's buying me some more for my birthday in July. Is it wrong to admit I would actually love that? lol. Overall it's been a really lovely weekend. :) Hope you've all had a great time too!


  1. Fab! Glad things are going smoothly for a lovely change ... :)x

  2. What a sweet thing to say - bless her!

  3. Bless her, she is so cute xx Love the things that you make with the beads

  4. Well isn't she just a sweetie!


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