Monday, 12 May 2014

Where has today gone?!

This morning I woke up full of determination. I made a to do list, planned to get on and get it done so I could scrap in the afternoon and I was SURE I was going to do it lol. I really should learn that my plans never work out.
First was another assembley to see the kids get an award, :) This time for 100% attendence. Was funny when the very first name read out the girl was away as she was on holiday! Didn't manage to get a photo as Cameron rushed back to class so didn't get a chance. Got home and made a few phonecalls from my list then on to bills. Here's where it went wrong. Early last month I noticed I was being charged by Orange for £5 of extra data, but I was well within my monthly use so phoned to ask why. Turned out was a fault on their end so she took it off my bill. When I got my bill in a week ago it was back on it! So phoned and complained and it was taken off again. So imagine my surprise when I went into my online banking and saw that my phone bill was coming out tomorrow with the extra £5 STILL on it. I was raging. Took 3 phone calls and me getting very annoyed before they agreed to take it off again. BY the time all that was sorted it was 1pm! Just managed to get some painting done in Caitlins room before rushing to collect them from school. Hope tomorrow is a little more productive!


  1. I find that it is always my scrapping/crafting time that suffers, Gemma - good luck with future plans!

  2. I had one of those days too when other people cause chaos for you!!!

  3. Call centres are a nightmare. They read from a script and never seem to listen to what you tell them. Been there, done that....too many times! Hope yesterday was a better day for you.


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