Thursday, 15 May 2014

May counterfeit kit

Ok so I'm a bit behind but oh well :) There were two images this month to cop from:
I really liked the look of this kit, full of bright colours and travel aspects which is what I chose to take from it. These are the papers I picked. A bit different this month were a lot of 6x6 papers. A while ago I bought some paper pads from TKmaxx to go half with my friend Jess; they were dirt cheap anyway so a bargain when splitting the price. :) The papers went really well with the theme plus give me lots of bits to die cut from. I don't know about you but I'm always really reluctant to cut into a 12x12 sheet for a shape punch or die cut but 6x6 feels more like scrap paper iykwim.
As i'm trying to use my punches and die cuts more I've put in less embellishments than usual, but did dig out some of my new packs I keep for stroking more than anything else, lol.
Really love the resulting kit :) Lets see if I get around to making anything from it!


  1. Your kit looks very colorful just like the inspiration kits. I like the idea of cutting back on ready-made embellishments so that you are able to use other things. I do hope you find lots of time to work with it. Enjoy.

  2. Great selection of colours and patterns. I love making my own embellishments. I think it's the part of creating a page I like best! I rarely buy ready made ones.

  3. Fabulous kit and it doesn't matter when you make it as long as you make with it!

  4. Love the colors of your kit and I like your thoughts about the 6 X 6 papers (I got a bunch from TJ Maxx too) and a good way to incorporate them into the kit :) I agree with Lesley about it doesn't matter when what matters is that you did :)

  5. A great kit.. can't wait to see what you come up with.. I love 6" pads for that too!


Thanks for your comments. :)