Friday, 2 May 2014

May pole dancing

Today Caitlin was doing may pole dancing at her school. Unlike her she was actually really excited about it. Usually when she is performing at anything she will tell me about it once but isn't exactly thrilled about anybody coming to see her. This time though she was talking about it lots and was really pleased when I said my Mum and gran were coming too. Look how happy she was!
I later found out the little boy was one of the teachers sons and was a good friend of hers. She often says she has more boy friends than girls so this is proof I guess lol. Shes like me in that way, I get on with boys better than girls as there always seems to be a lot of drama and backstabbing with girls. Boys are easier I think.
So besides my proud Mummy moment with Caitlin dancing I also took a very proud Cameron to Beavers tonight. We bought him his uniform earlier in the week so this was his first session wearing it. They said he will take his promise next week so we can all go watch. No bets being taken on if I'll cry or not!

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  1. Boys aren't half as bitchy as girls - boys all the way Cailtin ;)


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