Monday, 5 May 2014

Pirates and princess day

Today was Pirates and Princess day at the farm. As it was such a nice day our neighbours decided to come along :) Unfortunatly Mark was having a bad day so he stayed home. The kids had a great time though :)
With so many kids we spent most of the time in the park just letting them run around, but did go to the den making area too where the girls decided to make a couch while the boys chased each other with sticks lol.
Was a great day all round :)
Well for the most part. When I say Mark was having a bad day I seriously mean it. Was like back when he first got really sick. :( While I was out I was getting all manner of abusive txts so I told him to go to his friends for a couple of days until we figure something out. Hopefully its just something to do with his meds rather than him getting sick again but we'll have to wait and see.

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  1. That farm looks like a great place and you're certainly getting your money's worth :)
    Hope Mark is "better" soon


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