Saturday, 3 May 2014

Birthday party!

So today was Caitlins birthday :) It was also the big party so busy day! Started early too with Cameron getting up at 5:30! Told him it was too early go back to bed, half an hour later he comes back, having opened one of his birthday craft kits and made some angry birds lol. Impressive but not what I meant when I said go back to bed!
At a more reasonable hour Caitlin got up and opened her gifts from us. She was pleased with everything so we were happy :)
We had to do the family visits but first I had to finish the prep work. Starting with putting the finishing touches on Camerons Minecraft cake.....
So what do you think? :) I was thrilled with how it turned out and Cameron loved it so that's the main thing. My neigbour has asked me to make one for her son next week so must be ok!
Caitlin asked for a rainbow pinata cake so made this. Very similar to my nieces cake from last year but added a large Rainbow dash as Caits a big fan of my little pony.
Cakes all done I quickly wrapped the party bags and added tags and was done!
After family runs it was party time! We had invited some kids to a local playcenter so was pretty much hassle free. Was the usual worry about nobody showing up but other than 2 of Cams friends not showing everyone came. Cameron didn't seem too fussed as his best friends came so don't think he even noticed.
Everyone had a great time so I was really happy :) Was nice to sit and chat to some of the Mums too. When we got back Cameron went round next door again, Caitlin was watching TV with Mark so considering I was exhausted and had nothing to do I did what any sensible person would do.............gutted both kids bedrooms, sorted all their old toys, built all their new ones and swapped their rooms around so Caitlin is now in Camerons and Camerons is his hers lol. I know I never know when to quit! We've been meaning to move them around for a while as Cait has so much more stuff than Cam, and plays in her room far more often so makes sense to give her the bigger room. We said the other day I would do it when the kids go back next week but I'm not good at waiting ;)
Now everything is done and calmed down, maybe I can join in with all the scrapbooking challenges that are online atm. Do we think I'll manage with both kids off school.........nah nor do I!


  1. Awesome cakey goodness (and great hama bead decorations too).
    Glad they had a good time ... but you just don't know when to stop do you?! Still bet busy than bored!

  2. Two fantastic cakes - love how you have made your own embellishments to decorate them xx


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