Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hard choices

Well today did NOT go as planned. The outcome of the meeting was the exact same outcome we had 4 years ago when Nicola was pregnant with Lillie. Nicola has to choose Rob or the girls and has 2 weeks to pick. But we all know she'll say shes not seeing Rob, will lie and see him anyway, we will wait months to get proof by which point he'll probably batter her again, she'll dump him and social will let her keep the girls as obviously shes no longer with him anymore. *sigh* I really didn't expect that to happen if I'm honest. To be 4 years down the line and no further forward, it's insane. I think I need to sit and make some hard choices about the whole thing. :(
While we were in the meeting we got a txt from my Dad saying his scans had come back and his neck and back are much worse. I think he said the discs in his back were starting to pop out or something along those lines but hes got to see a phisiotherapist and has been given stronger pain medication in the meantime.
Well a good point of today was I got happy mail! :) My friend Jess and I decided to do a kit swap and this is what she sent me :) Love all the bright colours and the clouds ;) I asked for the clouds lol. Might actually hide upstairs, lock the door and scrap a bit tonight :)
Well currently no plans for tomorrow! Hopefully a little more positive day than today.


  1. Quite unbelievable how many chances they are giving her!!!

  2. So sorry to hear about Nicola, but beautiful kit!


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