Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday? Really?

It can't be Thursday?! Wednesday the sun was shining and we went on a lovely walk. The house was all tidy and I was all prepared and on top of things :) That seems like months ago now! The house is a mess, I actually have the heating on as its raining and freezing outside and my to do list has jumped to a million things. One of which is to paint Camerons room.
I may have mentioned that I moved them into each others rooms which so far is working out great :) Obviously though Camerons room was still pink and Caitlins still blue. TBH Caitling doesnt seem that fussed but for boys having a pink room is a HUGE no no so I bought some silver paint yesterday and started painting today. Think its going to take a couple of coats but its looking good so far :)
This morning we also went to see Marks dr who is sending him for liver function tests, counciling and refering his to the brain injury clinic so glad they're listening. :) I've been overwhelmed with support from my 'online' friends which has meant so much so thank you to all of you. I'm ok though :) I'm good at getting on with things and I certainly have a lot to be getting on with! Tomorrow morning is Caitlins award in assembly then I need to finish another minecraft cake for my neighbours little boy. Should probably make him a birthday card too, always forget that part lol. Still need to make his gift too!

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  1. Glad you're keeping yourself busy although don't run yourself into the ground - you've got enough to cope with!


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