Friday, 30 May 2014

Sketchy scrappers

So I spent today scrubbing the house and getting everything neat and tidy as I expected a visit from the social worker at 3:20. So 3:20 comes and goes, 4:20 comes and goes. 5pm I finally get through to the receptionist and no shes not coming; livid isn't the word. Have a meeting Tuesday so that will be interesting!!!
Well away from useless people I forgot to share this layout I did the other week. This months sketchy scrappers sketch was set by Jess and had the added twist of having to use a song name for the title.
This was my take on it.
This is one of my fave pictures of Caitlin. Whenever we're on holiday I love to sit on the balcony, read and watch the world go by. Last year in Turkey Caitlin would sit with me and write stories and draw in her notebook.
I picked the title 'Far away', which is a Nickleback song and actually mine and Marks song so extra special :) I thought it was fitting a Caitlin always looked a million miles away when she was concentrating on her work.

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  1. I wouldn't bother cleaning the house next time.
    Love that pic of Caitlin too - in her own little world!


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