Saturday, 10 May 2014


Today was next doors little boys birthday party. I had a few things to do before we went so I got up running, not so much with these two lol.
Bowling was really fun :) As obviously I'm friends with the family I stuck about and had a cup of coffee. Was nice seeing my two play too.
Cameron got really into it and came second in both games. He wasn't fussed though, I'm proud to say he's not really that competitive :)
Caitlin I was worried would feel left out as she was the only girl but she chatted with me and the birthday boys mum which was nice. She used the runner for a while but soon just threw the ball. Was very proud of herself when she did it without help. That said al the boys were very gentlemanly and were happy to lift the balls for her and help her. So cute!
The boys were all hyper and crazy by the end of the party. One of my friends has 5 sons, I honestly don't know how she does it!
After the party they all went back next door for some hot dogs and cake which gave me time to finish Camerons room. I'm thrilled with how it has come out now and he's really pleased with it. I felt bad at first giving him the small room but it seems to work well with him. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow but ATM hes never out of it! After the rest of the boys had gone home our neighbours came round ours for pizza and a drink. Was really nice to sit and chat and put the world to rights. The kids had a great time playing games upstairs so we barely heard form them once we got the computer all set up. I admit it's nice to have another couple we can hang around with. Short of my friends online I only really talk to my Mum so to have someone else to socalise with is great! Bless her though, the mum decided she wanted to do some form of crafting to try and make things to sell and asked my opinion on diecutters and papers. Well that was it, even Mark groaned lol. Within moments I had my papers out, punches, die cutters, templates etc and was explaining the differences with them all. Don't think the poor girl realised what she was asking! We managed to figure out what would work best for her idea though so hopefully I'll be able to share more of that with you in the future :)

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  1. Good luck with the little venture :)
    Glad the kids had a good day.


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