Thursday, 29 May 2014

Happy birthday hubby :)

Well today my hubby is 37 :) I keep telling everyone he's 34 as lets face it I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but at least I'm getting it wrong in the right direction lol.
Plan for today was to take coffee with bacon and egg muffins to the birthday boy in bed, give him gifts, the swimming with the kids and out for dinner with the rest of the family :)
Annoyingly one of Marks gifts is still in the post :( but the kids got him an aftershave set from Next while I got tickets to a show in the next town :) We saw this guy on Britains got talent and Mark thought he was funny so got tickets to see him next month :) Bargain at £12 each!
Gift giving went well :) Mark loved all his gifts and the girls made him some nice cards, I tidied up a bit and off swimming we went.
and as usual the plan went all wrong lol. Turned out everyone had the same idea and the swimming pull was full and nobody else could go in. They were working on a one in one out system but after waiting nearly 45 minutes and nobody getting in we gave up and went into town. The kids were gutted so took them poundland and got Cam some marbles and the girls some colouring sheets.
Dinner was much nicer and we all had a good laugh :) Home now and in comfy pjs ready to snuggle up with the kids and Mark and watch BGT. Overall think Marks enjoyed his day :)

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