Friday, 16 May 2014

Weekend is here!

I've been looking forward to the weekend and yey it's finally friday! First though to get through today lol. Dropped Cameron off with his school project. He had to do anything he wanted to show the lifecycle of a butterfly or frog. he picked butterfly and did this :)
Couldn't belive it this morning when we bumped into our neighbour and he said 'All I did was the colouring' Um no! lol. I cut the letters (not letting him use my slice lol) and I mounted his writing but he did the rest! Crazy child. I'f I had done it I'd have made the butterfly symetrical and there would be a lot more stickles used! :p
I did do this however. Caitlin has now decided she wants all the ponies for her bedroom wall so finished off fluttershy. Rarity next!
Tonight Mollie stayed for a sleepover. Kids had a great time playing and now Caitlins in the bigger room the girls got to sleep on the floor together which they loved. It was so sweet to hear them chatting and giggling :) Mollie also brought me more hama beads and asked me to make her a Princess celestia, so guess what I'm doing tonight!

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  1. You and hama beads - reliving your childhood?


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