Sunday, 18 May 2014

Camerons day :)

This morning was the car boot sale again. :) Love car boot sales and managed to get lots of bargains as usual. Mark got some warhammer which is great as you very rarely get it, Cameron got some ben 10 figures and Caitlin got some my litle pony toys for £1.50 which she had asked for for £11 in Asda the other week :) I got a small box of Hama beads which amazed me as last time I went there was a box on every second stall but now I want them nobody had them! Typical. I did get this bag though :)
I think it's a school bag or something but its the perfect size for lots of 12x12 kits and has loads of little pockets and holders for other bits and bobs. Great for when I go away and don't want to take everything with me :) Bargains at £2 :)
After car boot Caitlin had a party at a local bowling ally. I didn't want to leave her alone so booked a lane for Cam and I to bowl at the same time. Was nice spending time just the two of us :) There was a delay with the party bowling as a child was late so we finished way before they did! Caitlin had settled and when we got there I realised a couple of the other Mums were on the PTA with me so I felt confident enough to leave her and take Cameron to a Mcdonalds down the road for lunch.
He had a happy meal and I treated myself to one of their new chocolate chip frappes. OMG it was yum! I dread to think of the calories in it but hey ho life is too short ;) Cam and I sat and chatted and I made a right idiot out of myself! I'm not the best at maths which we all know but tried to be clever and when Cameron asked about getting some kinder eggs with his birthday money I decided to make it into a sum:
Me - if kinder eggs were 50p, and you have £10 left of your money, how many could you get?
Cameron - 20!
Me - No.
Cameron - Yes it is!
Me - *Pause* Is it? *thinks a moment* Yeah it is Cameron, you're right don't listen to me.
I shouldn't try and be clever without a calculator!
Before heading home we went to Asda to get some ice cream and a dvd Cam wanted with his birthday money (better than 20 kinder eggs loL). OMG I have never seen it so busy! I think the second the sun comes out everyone decided to have a bbq. The staff had obviously gave up stacking shelves and had just left pallets of rolls in the aisles. Everyone obviously had the same idea as us on ice cream as that aisle actually had a queue. After getting Cam his fave lollies (calippos) Cait hers (Rocket lollies) Mark his (magnums) couldn't believe it when the guy in front of us put, no joke, 23 tubs of phish food ben and jerries into his trolley. He had took the lot! God love Cameron though, I told him not to worry I would get some another day and he stuck his head right inside the freezer until he found a tub hiding in the back behind the other flavours. He said he didn't want to me to be left out. That boy will go far ;) After the chaos that was the tills we went home to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Mark was wiped out again as he doesn't do well in the heat at all so I put Camerons football goal round the front and let them play while he napped. :)
Ended up staying out until way past dinner chatting to the neighbours and relaxing. As a result the kids have done their homework but we have to do baths and iron uniforms tomorrow morning before school. Whoops!!


  1. I bet you still take everything when you go away despite your bargain bag!

  2. LOL at Cameron being better at maths. sounds like you had a good day despite the supermarket queues


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