Monday, 19 May 2014

Mojo :)

Well today I was planning to go shopping but my money hasn't been put into the bank yet so that was out. Did some ironing and tidying and decided to spend the unexpected free time scrapping :) Managed two layouts so pleased with that as not had much motivation recently.
First was Cameron and Caitlin when they both got 'Star of the week' awards at school. As I still had my Slice out form cutting Camerons letters I cut a star out from the corner. I always use my Slice, think 'I should use this more often' then put it back into the cupboard for months on end lol.
These are really old photos from when we went to Peppa Pig world a few years ago. I was photographing Cait playing in the water area and think I was annoying her as she ran up, grabbed the camera and shouted 'I've said cheese!!!!!' lol
think she's more used to it by now :)


  1. Glad you got your mojo back - who needs money?

  2. Great way to spend unexpected free time x


Thanks for your comments. :)