Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Productive, just

This morning I took Mark for some more blood tests. Car ran fine there, but as soon as I turned the engine on to leave the warning light came on :( Seemed to be running fine so I chanced it and drove to Asda hoping it would go off. No such luck. Rung the AA who checked it over and said it was either than we needed a new throttle, or that the throttle was having a tantrum and decided to send an error message. As the light was off now and the car seems to be running ok we're hoping it was the later! As proud as I will be of both my kids no matter what they grow up to do, part of me is hoping one of them will decide to be a mechanic and save me a fortune!!!!
With all that done was time to race to town to do jobs there, then chill out with a coffee with Mum :) Mark also bought me a little treat while there lol.
Ok I'm 29 so probably too grown up for a sticker album but who cares :) The kids have each got one so now I can collect stickers too! Well after a very hectic day, I'm off to relax and scrap for a bit :)

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